10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2015! (2024)

10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2015! (1)

This year’s countdown includes the most clicked, cooked and rated pressure cooker recipes from this website. It’s a peek into your neighbor’s pressure cooker and shows the wide variety of foods that can be pressure cookedfrommeat, to rice, veggies and even pasta!

10.Pressure Cooker Pasta Casserole– This recipe showcases two “hip” techniques: pressure cooking pasta in sauce on low pressure for al dente results and those extra 5 minutes under the broilerto add that I’can’t-believe-you-pressure-cooked-that layer of crunchiness!

9. Pressure Cooker Steamed Artichokes – This steamed veggie is a pressure cooker classic because it works. The steam under pressure tames this notoriously tough and fibrous flowerbud into delicate petals that are a cinch to tug offand eat.

8. How to Make Yogurt with Instant Pot DUO, Instant Pot SMART or fa*gor LUX– Having this technique in this year’s count-down was surprise. That’s because there are only three electric pressure cookers currently on the market with a Yogurt function. The detailed explanation, video really resonated with our readers. Don’t miss the reader comments – they’re full of reader tips and yogurt recipes!

7.Perfect Pressure Cooker RisottoRisotto is a de-facto classic. It’s so easy and fast and the results are nearly identical to it being made traditionally but for half an hour longer – our technique includes a tipon adding veggies without making your risotto soggy.

6.Pulled pork carnitas lettuce wraps– This recipe has been in the the top 10 since we published it three years ago – not only is this pork fall-apart tender (so you’re not going to be doing much pulling) but it can be used as suggested (in crunchy lettuce wraps), or in tacos, burritos, tamales and quesadillas, too.

5. Pressure Cooker BBQ Pork Ribs– This new technique of pre-pressure cooking meat before putting it on the barbie was a no-brainer. We showed you how to get flavor into the meat -not just on it – and share your barbecue awesomeness withfamilyfriends as they nibble onmelt-in-your mouth meat.

4.Buffalicious Chicken Wings– We were inspired by classic Buffalo Wings but we healthified them by steaming and broiling instead of frying. with this recipe you get the same spicy kick, without the guilt.

3. Pressure Cooker Short-cut Potatoes– I came up with this technique when I realized that in the time it took my oven to preheat I could pressure cook my potatoes. But, sometimes, you still want that dry crackly outside. This half & half technique cuts the overall “baking” step to just 10-20 minutes in a hot oven (depending on the size of the potato) but still provides that fluffy center in a potato-skin crust.

2.Two easy ways to Steam Rice in the Pressure Cooker– We all know that your pressure cooker is also a rice cooker but no one had ever explained exactly how to achieve this.Our no-fail pressure cooker steamed rice technique shows two ways to do it and includesthe cooking times for just about every variety ofrice imaginable.

10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2015! (5)

1.– This recipe has been number one fortwo years in a row! Sometimes recipes are born from a challenge and others as a response to those who should have known better. When a famous American cooking institution with a TV show published a pressure cooker chicken and rice recipethat told the cook not to stir the rice –or it mightitturn intomush – I was incensed. Why overcookthe rice and then blame the cook if it turned into mush?!?!

I came up with atechnique to ensure that all of the components of this dishare perfectly cooked by simply cooking them sequentially (it’s waaay easier than it sounds). Don’t miss the reviews and reader photosunder the recipe to see what fellow cooks think about it and then try it for yourself!We’re sure this dish will become a regular in your kitchen, as it has in ours.

Top 5 Pressure Cooker Articles of the year:

We’re not just about the recipes, we’re about the info – reliable, researched fact-checked information. Here’s wwhich info got the most clicks from our readers this year:

5. Consumer Alert No Pressure Canning in Electric Pressure Cookers

4. STOP making these pressure cooking MISTAKES!

3. The Pressure Cooker Recipe Converter

2. Seven Do’s and Don’ts of pressure cooking with induction

1. The difference between stove top and electric pressure cookers

It’s been a fun year and we’re looking forward to a full year of new recipes, tips, techniques and projects – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please share, post and pin this list with your friends and family – it might get them as excited about pressure cooking as you are!

10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2015! (7)

10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes of 2015! (2024)
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