Crunchy Vietnamese Cabbage Salad With Pan-Seared Tofu Recipe (2024)



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Nice and crunchy. For the amount of cabbage, I would suggest adding the full 1 lb. pkg of tofu. It will be well incorporated. Just double the sauce for the tofu.


I added a used sesame oil instead of peanut oil because it's what I had on hand. Also added a little bit of peanut butter and sambal oelek and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Delicious!


try worchestershire sauce; they have similar bases, just less intense.


This is a terrific salad. Even more terrific if you top with a splash of rice vinegar and a little sambal olek for some heat. I softened the cabbage a bit by salting for 30 mins then rinsing well


LOVE. This is one of my favorites. I often make the salad and not the tofu; sometimes I add some thinly sliced scallions to the salad.


Anyone just use a package of cole slaw? Seems effortless in time.


I liked this recipe a lot. It reminded me of the Goi Ga recipe in one of the Moosewood Cookbooks which also has 2 T. white vinegar, so I added that to the dressing and liked it even better. The flavors develop overnight and I especially love how it tastes the next day


I add lots of other vegetables,. Tonight I added slivered red onion, radish, broccoli stem, and red pepper. Sometimes I add edamame. Served with hot chili oil or Siracha for people to add to taste.


Very good! Changes: - Used sesame oil instead of peanut oil (because its what I had) - Added chunky peanut butter and sriracha to the sauce- didn't use a jalapeño pepper. - Added shredded carrots and the shredded cabbage to the skillet with the tofu to wilt down a bit.


Just add extra soy sauce. Works fine, there is so much flavor that the subtle difference in taste won't be noticed. The added advantage of not using fish sauce is this dish becomes vegetarian-friendly.

Good, added white vinegar

Paired with Vietnamese lemongrass ribs

David Bennett

Excellent dish. Next time will add some fresh chilli.

Vietnamese cabbage salad with tofu

Delicious, family loved it. Added Japenese udon noodles to it. Can use Chicken instead of tofu.


I added another tsp of brown sugar because the sauce seemed a little tart/bitter. Subbed slivered almonds for the peanuts. Forgot the cilantro. Skipped the tofu since I just wanted a side salad. Bingo! Very good.


The addition of crunchy fried sh*take mushrooms was a hit!


This is easy and so delicious ! I also used whole block of tofu .


Added edamame, and some cut up cherry tomatoes for color. Similar flavor profile to Thai papaya salad, but lasts longer in the refrigerator. This was delicious!


Nice but it's a little mild on the seasoning. I added the other half of the jalapeño and the juice of a second lime. I will boost it further next time around.


My husband and I served this for company with fire-grilled salmon burgers and potato salad; both also with Vietnamese flavors. I only had 2 cups of cabbage, so roasted two ears of corn, along with some slim strips of red, orange and yellow peppers (very colorful & tasty!). We only had a bit of cilantro, but grow lemongrass in our garden so added that, along with some lavender. I used fish sauce and a tad of sesame oil. One of our friends is diabetic so we used honey to sweeten it. It was a hit!


Great recipe. Use unrefined peanut oil to add flavor to the dressing.


Marinated and baked tofu. Salad was good. Rice noodles were gooey.


Outstanding. As another person suggested, I doubled the tofu and fried it in the air fryer. An amazingly simple but delicious salad!


I made this without the tofu as a side slaw - still fantastic, the dressing is amazing. Do not fear the fish sauce. Used GoRaw pumpkin seeds because I didn’t have peanuts - the whole family devoured it.


Big hit, and so easy to make if you leave out the tofu. I brought some mint to the party.


I did use whole pkg of tofu as suggested . Delicious!

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Crunchy Vietnamese Cabbage Salad With Pan-Seared Tofu Recipe (2024)
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